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  The Heart of Our World Speaks!

The Heart of the World Speaks.

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Together we can co-create heaven on earth. 


We are creating a book to share the message of our children with the world.

"The Heart of the World Speaks"

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The Heart of the World Speaks

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All creative work must be accompanied by the release form.

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Saturday, May 31st 2014 from 1:00-3:00

There will be pizza, arts and crafts, a treasure hunt, and prizes for everyone. With parental permission we will be holding interviews and video taping what our children have to say about co-creating heaven on earth. There is no admission fee but there is very limited space. If your child would like to participate pre-registration is required.

Please contact Suze Moll or Joy Melchezidek by May 20th.

 Hope you can join us!

(This a Tee Shirts for Peace Event) 



       The majority of these children began coming to earth in 1984, although some came earlier. They are here to bring union. Many have been misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD. They are strong willed and have to be heard. Indigos are known as systems busters, so they challenge the systems that are not working. Traditional schools and parenting methods don't work with them. They are very sensitive to everything.

       In being with Indigo children over the past eighteen years, I have discovered that they are extraordinary souls with much to offer. Violent behavior is the exception. Supporting them to live their potential and not labeling them as deficient in some way (such as ADD or ADHD), frees them from judgment. They are then given the message nothing is wrong with you.

       Once they feel respected and trusted, they are normally eager to work with you. For example, if an issue comes up, I ask for their input about it rather than imposing a judgment. If someone has stolen something, I might say, "If someone stole something from you, how would you feel, and how would you resolve it without using violence?"  This type of response encourages empathy and peaceful resolutions.

      Another way to validate an Indigo is to encourage their areas of expertise, which are often art, music and science. They also gifted in computers and many are humanitarians. Alternative avenues of education such as home school, Cyber schools and Circle Schools have been successful where traditional schools are not.

       They need to feel safe and grounded, so it is important that they feel their connection with the earth. Physical activities such as swimming, dancing, camping, hiking, or biking nurture their connection to the earth and support them in staying grounded, present and happy.

       These young people often crave the very foods that create imbalances in their systems- sugar and junk food. An organic diet free of gluten, sugar, and caffeine helps them stay healthy and energetically balanced. Staying consistent with them is essential.

       Lastly, if you are doing these things and your Indigo child is acting out, remember that some try to balance others by taking on their imbalances. In cases such as these it may be beneficial for parents to get family support or coaching that doesn't label the Indigo child as a "problem". Truly they can be a solution to the imbalances they see around them and can inspire us all to live our greatest potential.

       Books about them include The Indigo Children, A Celebration of the Indigo Children and The Indigo Children Ten Years Later. Numerous websites are up about them. Tee-shirts for Peace offers this link to support our Indigos with products and services designed specifically for their needs.



       These children began coming to earth in the year 2000 and some came earlier. Many of them are misdiagnosed as autistic. Known for being the happiest of babies, they are able to change the world with their smiles. They have been called the peacemakers. Crystals and Rainbow children are sensitive to everyone and everything. They are multi-gifted, very much into nature, and engage the magical aspects of life. Rainbow children possess many of the same traits only more so. Very often they are the children of early Crystal parents. 

       These children withdraw into themselves when the world becomes too much for them, so it is important they have enough alone time. They need very little parenting because they were born with a strong sense of what is good for them. They love babies and animals. There are many websites about them.

       More often than not, Indigos, Rainbows and Crystals are born into the same families. They are energetically congruent with each other and may even frequent the same places. Whereas the Indigos point out what needs to shift, the Crystal and Rainbow children bring long-awaited resolutions.